MUED4002 TME Reflection Time

Reflecting on the POL Friday 23 November, we had our Presentation of Learning. Seeing everyone's projects in their final forms is arguably a great way to end a hectic semester and intense course! You could see the huge amount of time, effort and thought put into each project. The variety of projects that stemmed from... Continue Reading →

MUED4002 13B Last TME Session! Balancing technology with life

Information technology, whether you like it or not, has become an integral part of our lives. Teens spend nearly 9 hours on average per day on social media. 9 hours. That's the recommended daily intake of sleep. And adults in general spend 24 hours per week online. So how do we achieve that balance of... Continue Reading →

MUED4002 13A Working on Tech Project

Today we worked on our SCMTME Tech Projects. You can see what I worked on and planned, HERE where I finally decide exactly what I'm doing and HERE where I made paper drafts of the website. A refreshingly short blog post, which we'll be talking more about in the very last SCMTME session!

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