SSME Resource Creation Reflection #6 – Making Video Resources

There are many video resources that accompany this unit. These act as models for student's own work, tutorials for completing tasks, and learning resources available for students to access anywhere they have an internet connection. This reflects the Open Learning Pedagogy of providing equal access to learning resources for all students (DeRosa & Robinson, 2017).... Continue Reading →

SSME Resource Creation Reflection #5 – Layout and formatting

More content making and arranging the layout of each Lesson Resource page. Layout and Design Considerations: Making this for students and teachers to use meant making the instructions and accompanying resources easy to follow. One column with the instructions and relevant resource next to it makes it easy to access. Page design: Clear, appealing, minimalistic.... Continue Reading →

MUED4002 TME Reflection Time

Reflecting on the POL Friday 23 November, we had our Presentation of Learning. Seeing everyone's projects in their final forms is arguably a great way to end a hectic semester and intense course! You could see the huge amount of time, effort and thought put into each project. The variety of projects that stemmed from... Continue Reading →

MUED4002 13A Working on Tech Project

Today we worked on our SCMTME Tech Projects. You can see what I worked on and planned, HERE where I finally decide exactly what I'm doing and HERE where I made paper drafts of the website. A refreshingly short blog post, which we'll be talking more about in the very last SCMTME session!

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